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Issue 118
Layouts: Brett - a switching layout (HO); Hintock Town Quay (OO); Portway Center (O)
Concepts: Railways in Cuba; From Moscow to Camden
Test Track: Bachmann: SR Class E4 0-6-2T; Graham Farish: BR Class 31 diesel loco
Other articles: New for 2015; Notes from Isla Blanca; GWR railcars; Industry prototypes, USA; 63. Strasse; Index for issues 109-119; Detailing the GWR railcar

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Issue 117
Layouts: Crystal Creek (On30/Sn3.5/HO/OO); Cycle Halt (OO9); Central Anglesey Lines (Part 2 - The Red Wharf Bay branch)
Concepts: Industry prototypes, USA; Build it in N scale; Alford Valley Railway
Test Track: Bachmann: GWR 64XX 0-6-0PT; Graham Farish: Fowler 4F 0-6-0
Drawings: Midland Railway 5 ton Covered Goods Van; Midland Railway 5t/6t Refrigerated Meat Van
Other articles: New for 2015; Notes from Isla Blanca - Rolling Stock; About the 'Scoot'; A look at British signals; Thinking about signal boxes
Issue 116
Layouts: Keep it simple (OO/HO); On from Fairweather (HO); Build it in N scale (N)
Concepts: Brecon Mountain Railway; East Bridge Street; Furness Railway Branches; Central Anglesey Lines (Part 1 - the line to Amlwch); Microbe Yard; On30 on a bookshelf; Bavarian diorama
Test Track: Graham Farish: Stanley 'Princess Coronation' class 4-6-2; Bachmann: Class 150/2 DMU 150204
Drawings: M.R. 8 ton Coke Wagon; M.R. 12 ton Coal Wagon
Other articles: Quarry Traffic, but no quarry; Improvements to a Troublesome Truck
Issue 115
Layouts: On from Fairweather (HO/OO); Isla Blanca (On30); Mousehold Mannheim (HO); 'The Last Push', August 1918 (1:32); Catte Lane (OO); Peats Wharf and Quayside (OO)
Concepts: The accidental terminus; A Fistful of Doodles
Test Track: Hornby: LNER P2 2-8-2; Hornby: BR(S) 'Brighton Belle' EMU power cars
Drawings: M.R. Long Cattle Wagon; M.R. 12 ton Open Wagon
Other articles: Beginners please!
Issue 114
Layouts: Starker Verkehr (HO); Midland Railway 6t Covered Goods Van; Humber Yard (HO); The Fairweather Branch (OO/HO); Three-way Switch
Concepts: The Industry Line - 2; Vreeland Rail
Test Track: Bachmann: Midland Class 1F 0-6-0T; Graham Farish: BR Class 25/2 diesel (371-088)
Drawings: Midland Railway 10t Covered Goods Van; RCH wagons of the 'Big Four'
Other articles: The long-lived SW1; Inspirational magazines; A Cup of Java; HO Scale VDA Van
Issue 113
Layouts: Hohendorf (Bay) (HO); 63rd Street Yard (HO)
Concepts: Carton Dock; St Christoly-Médoc; The industry line
Test Track: Walthers: EMD SW1 switcher; Bachmann: Class 101 2-car DMU; Model Power: EMD GP20; Graham Farish: Class 55 Deltic D9002
Drawings: GWR Iron Mink; Midland Railway 15t Coal Wagon (steel body) D345; Midland Railway 12t High Sided Wagon D663A
Other articles: From test track to layout; Class 81 in HO; Keeping costs down; Midland Railway 10t Low Sided Wagon D818; Detailing the GP20; Take Two Cabooses
Issue 112
Layouts: Ashcroft Yard (HO); Eastport and Calais RR (HO); Pencarrow, Cornwall (N/OO)
Concepts: A 'Tip-Top' baseboard
Test Track: Graham Farish: Fowler Class 3F 0-6-0t 'Jinty'; Ixion: Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0T; Tower Models: LMS 'Pug' 0-4-0T
Drawings: Tube wagons; Nor 25 years on ...
Other articles: New for 2014; Motive Power Retrospect; Ruston and Hornsby 48d for O gauge; In the 'Mouse Hole'; Wagon loads
Issue 111
Layouts: Nusquam Yard (OO/HO); Argentho Wharf Yard (HO); Southlake (N)
Concepts: Hinton Cove; On American lines; Welshpool and Llanfair; Museum MPD
Test Track: Hornby: BR Class 8 4-6-2 'Duke of Gloucester'; Hornby: Sentinel Diesel shunter; Bachmann: LNER Class J11 0-6-0; Bachmann: GWR Class 3200 4-4-0; Graham Farish: Faiurburn LMS 2-6-4T
Drawings: Mk.1 Coaching Stock
Other articles: New for 2014; Using helical gradients
Issue 110
Layouts: The Hinton Saga; Down the Mouse Hole (OO); Loch Dubh (OO); California Yard (HO)
Concepts: Return to Findhorn; Smalldale and Endale; On from Laurenceton; Transporting your stock
Test Track: Hornby: GWR 'Star' class 4-6-0; Bachmann: BR(M) 2-4-2T 'Radial Tank'
Drawings: GWR/WR Y14 Fruit Van 1950
Other articles: Small goods shed in O; Modelling in British HO
Issue 109
Layouts: Glendale and Smalldale (HO); Knap's Wharf (OO); Chicago Fork (O)
Concepts: Snuffles Street; Wagon turntables; Maclaster Industry
Test Track: Bachmann: MR(M) 1,600hp diesel No. 10000; Bachmann: BR(M) Fowler 4F 0-6-0; Graham Farish: BR(E) J39 0-6-0
Drawings: Haymen Ltd. PO wagon
Other articles: Motive power retrospect; Index for issues 91-108; Designing the landscape; The merits of two-rail DC
Issue 108
Layouts: Schiller Point (O); Littleton, BR Southern Region (OO); Zee Harbor (Z); Fidley (N)
Concepts: BASF Quadrant; Holyhead Breakwater
Test Track: Hornby: A1 4-6-2 'Tornado'; Bachmann: WD Austerity 2-8-0
Drawings: Southern Railway Bridge Plates, Mile Posts and Gradient Posts
Other articles: Budget rolling stock; Broad Water Pier; A modern coaling stage
Issue 107
Layouts: Starker Verkehr (HO); Argenton Wharf Yard (OO); Cheston Colour Works (OO)
Concepts: Dunmow Sidings; The Railways of Watchet
Test Track: Hornby: GWR 42XX / 52XX 2-8-0T; Hornby: GWR Class 72XX 2-8-2T; Graham Farish: Class 70 Powerhaul diesel (371-635)
Drawings: Private Owners' Wagon Prototypes - London Districts; Midland Railway Mile Posts, Bridge Plates and Boundary Posts
Other articles: Catwater postscript; A look at HOn3; Broad Water Pier; A loco depot for OO/HO
Issue 106
Layouts: Chelsea Avenue (HO); Red Kite Crossing (N)
Concepts: The Railways of Watchett; Have V36, will travel; Annacis Island; BASF Ferroscandia - 2
Test Track: Bachmann: BR(W) Modified 'Hall' 4-6-0
Drawings: GWR Permanent Way Brake Van; GWR Mile Posts
Other articles: New for 2013; Pollards Hill Railway; Detailing the S4; DCC on a budget
Issue 105
Layouts: The Lochside Estate (O9); Chuggers Yard 2 (HO); Sainte Marie-Ange (HO)
Concepts: A Shropshire Byway
Test Track: Bachmann: BR 4P 4-4-0 Midland Compound; Piko: DR Class 344 diesel shunter
Drawings: Small SR goods shed; LMS Long Cattle Wagon
Other articles: New for 2013; Private Owners' Wagon Prototypes - London Districts; The GE 70-tonner; Budget Railcar; Background Matters
Issue 104
Layouts: Ekenas SJ (HO); Lerners Curve (On30); Chuggers Yard (HO)
Concepts: The Arcade & Attica RR; Two Rivers; Tramways and Small Lines; Rothesay and Ettrick Bay
Test Track: Bachmann: SECR/SR/BR C Class 0-6-0; Bachmann: Alco S4 Switcher; Hornby: LNER Class B17/1
Drawings: Private Owners' Wagon Prototypes - London Districts; LNER & BR 13ton high goods wagons
Other articles: Budget Narrow Gauge
Issue 103
Layouts: Mini-Inglenook progress (HO); Mertonford and Pinetree (On30); La Rue d'Ouaquenin (HOm); Western Market (OO)
Concepts: Model Automatic Couplings; Lausanne Chauderon; Box Street Yard - 2
Test Track: Bachmann: Class D11/2 4-4-0; Graham Farish: BR Class 20 diesel; Roco: NS Class 2400 diesel; Hornby: Class 67 diesel
Drawings: NER & LNER covered vans
Other articles: Budget Narrow Gauge - 2
Issue 102
Layouts: Layout in a day? Almost! (HO); BASF Ferroscandia (HO)
Concepts: Chigger Yard; The Aberford Fly Line; Box Street Yard
Test Track: Graham Farish: Class 350/1 Desiro; Graham Farish: WD Austerity 9F 2-8-0; Graham Farish: BR Class 5MT 4-6-0; Roco: DR Class 111 diesel loco
Drawings: LNWR Rolling Stck
Other articles: A Signal Tower for On30; Budget Narrow Gauge; Wood dowel point control
Issue 101
Layouts: Marcelline loco depot (OO/HO); Maxima Fork (HO)
Concepts: Edgemoor & Manetta RR
Test Track: Bachmann: BR Class 85 electric; Bachmann: GWR 4574 Class 2-6-2T; Hornby: Bowser: Baldwin VO-1000
Drawings: Road Mobile Cranes
Other articles: A Sand House in On30; Motive power retrospect; A sand house for HO; Signalling, French style; The GWR monogram; Email scenic flats
Issue 100
Layouts: Boxfile layout in TT (TT); More on Bay City (HO); Fawcett Street (OO)
Concepts: A corner of Kings Cross
Test Track: Hornby: Brighton Belle 5-BEL EMU; Bachmann: Tram car; Hornby: Fowler 4F 0-6-0; Bachmann: GE 44-ton switcher; Bachmann: GWR City class 4-4-0
Other articles: New for 2012; Structures on the cheap; Standard flat pallets and LMS containers; Budget diesel matters; All aboard the tram; Fowler 4F detailing
Issue 99
Layouts: Neustadt (HO); Maxma Fork (OO/HO); Black Rock, Buffalo (HO); Sandbach (Waldshut) (N); Bay City TRR (HO)
Concepts: Round and round
Test Track: Hornby: Thompson B1 4-6-0; Bachmann: Class 350/1 EMU; Bachmann: Gresley A4 4-6-2; Hornby: Gresley D49 4-4-0
Other articles: New for 2012; I.S.O. Containers identifiation marks; Water Tanks for On30; Container modelling
Issue 98
Layouts: The Aqueboque Light Railway (On15); Miniature loco yard (N); Emmila (H0)
Concepts: Barton Dock
Test Track: Bachmann: Class 105 DMU; Bachmann: Peppercorn Class A2 Pacific; Bachmann: Derby Lightweight DMU; Graham Farish: BR Class 411 4-CEO EMU
Drawings: BR I.S.O. Containers
Other articles: Hinton Redux at work; Make a Farmer's Co-op; Simple soldering; Loads for hoppers; New uses for old wagons
Issue 97
Layouts: Canadian brewery (N); Balnakeil Estate Railway (Gn15); 13th Avenue, Miami (N)
Concepts: Preservation lines; Inglenook variations; Port Able RR; Round and round; Fioux-les-Eaux
Test Track: Hornby: BR9S0 4-VEP/Class 423/1 EMU; Graham Farish: BR Class 03 diesel shunter; Bachmann: BR(M) Class 3F 0-6-0
Drawings: Great Northern Railway 9 ton 4 plank open wagon
Other articles: Hard wired decoders; Building 'Daisy'
Issue 96
Layouts: Lazy River update (HO); The Littlehaven Line - 2 (Sn½); Duncan's Mine: redux (HO); Industry spur in N (N)
Concepts: Evolving a layout; West Enfield Yard
Test Track: Bachmann: Windhoff MPV; Graham Farish: BR Class 101 DMU
Drawings: Ministry of Munitions Tank Wagons
Other articles: DIY Skaledale; Hornby Railmaster; Casting rocks
Issue 95
Layouts: Neptune Road (OO); The Littlehaven Line (Sn½); Hello and Goodbye, N (N)
Concepts: The Eastern Loop; Closer to Reality (part 6); Mining Branches
Test Track: Bachmann: BR Class 416/2-EPB EMU; Bachmann: K3 class 2-6-0; Heljan: HS4000 diesel; Hornby: Class A1 'Tornado' 4-6-2
Drawings: B.R. Tippler and Sand wagons
Other articles: The drover caboose ...; Recycled freight cars; A layout lighting pelmet
Issue 94
Layouts: Denali View (HO); Re-built West Midland (OO); The 'have-a-go' layout (OO); Der Wald (Oe)
Concepts: Closer to Reality (part 5); More on industry spurs; Prototype inspiration
Test Track: Bachmann: GE Class 70 diesel
Drawings: LMS Single Bolster wagons
Other articles: New for 2011; Boxcab for On30; Lego connections
Issue 93
Layouts: The Hintock Branch (OO)
Concepts: Along the APU Spur; Modelling industry spurs; Hump Yard for OO/HO; Ideas to try
Test Track: Bachmann: Fowler 7F 2-8-0
Drawings: British Railways Detail
Other articles: New for 2011; Motive power retrospect; Local oil depot; N scale carvery (part 3)
Issue 92
Layouts: Universal Inglenook in N (N); Two Sisters Farm (1n2)
Concepts: ATSF industry branch; The Yancey Railroad; Two yard plans based on real places; Closer to Reality (part 4)
Test Track: Hornby: LNER L1 class 2-6-4T; Hornby: GWR 28XX 2-8-0; Bachmann: LNER A2 4-6-2; Graham Farish: BR(E) B1 4-6-0
Drawings: RCH 1907 standard 10 or 12 ton rectangular tank wagons
Other articles: User Report: Aristcraft Basic Train Engineer; The Bookcase Layout; Pinchingfield Shed; N scale carvery (part 2)
Issue 91
Layouts: Duncan's Mine (HO)
Concepts: Universal Inglenook 2; Wansdyke Mineral Line; Closer to reality (part 3)
Test Track: Graham Farish BR 3MT 2-6-2T; Bachmann BR Class 03 diesel shunter; Hornby Castle class with DCC/Sound
Drawings: SR coaling stages
Other articles: A clear narrative; Coal and water; Kato Unitrack; N scale carvery
Issue 90
Layouts: Paglesham Eastend and the Stambridge Railway (On16.5); Catwater & Southern again (G); Universal Inglenook (HO/OO)
Concepts: A model dock layout; Closer to reality (part 2); More 3 x A4 ideas
Test Track: Graham Farish Stanier Black 5; Graham Farish Class 158 DMU; Con-Cor EMD MP15DC
Drawings: Railway Clearing House Wagons
Other articles: Picture this ...; MP15DC modelling
Issue 89
Layouts: Ledsam Street Yard (O); Maybank - the forgotten pioneer (O)
Concepts: Magic Trains retrospect; Wickingham; Closer to reality
Test Track: Hornby Castle class 4-6-0; Bachmann 04 class 2-8-0; Graham Farish BR Class 4MT 2-6-0
Drawings: British Railways rolling stock - Cattle Wagons
Other articles: A free uncoupler; The lemon business; Don't forget the driver; Train orders
Issue 88
Layouts: Nürnberg Winkelhof (HO); South Street (HO); N in 3 x A4 (HO); West Midland Days (OO); Kristallburg revisited (HO); Blakeney Goods (O)
Concepts: End of the Line
Test Track: Graham Farish Class 170/2 DMU; Graham Farish BR Warship class; Bachmann BR Warship class
Drawings: British Railways Banana Vans
Other articles: New for 2010; Brill Railcar; In Conclusion
Issue 87
Layouts: Mahwah (N); West Midland days (OO); Stockton Tramway (OO); Fiddlestick Yard, 3xA4 (OO); Lakeview Transfer Yard (HO)
Test Track: Bachmann: BR (S) 4-CEP EMU; Bachmann: BR 3MT 2-6-2-T; Graham Farish: BR Class 24; Graham Farish: BR Class 47
Drawings: BR and LMS Venilated Shock Absorbing vans
Other articles: New for 2010; Backscenes by computer ; Modelling the Exotic
Issue 86
Layouts: West Midland days (OO); Noname (OO); Porthywaen (O); Hazel Wood Paper Mill 3 (On30)
Concepts: Small layout quest; The 3 x A4 challenge
Test Track: Hornby: BR Class 6MT 'Clan' 4-6-2 ; Hornby: Hitachi Class 395 EMU; Athearn: EMD SW1500 switcher
Drawings: The first L.M.S. Shock Absorbing wagons
Other articles: BR-built 4mm scale J72; Modelling water; Random and Systematic; Motive power retrospect
Issue 85
Layouts: Foul Rift Industrial Park (HO); Last train to Melbury (OO); Quarts in pint pots (HO)
Concepts: The Inverted Inglenook; The other end
Test Track: Bachmann: BR Class 25/3 diesel loco; Bachmann: BR Class 24 diesel loco; BR Class 24 diesel loco
Drawings: Great Western Railway-Wagon Rolling Stock
Other articles: Two small boats; Wagons from the past; Too Much Model Railway; Oil traffic in relation to models; Oil Storage tank
Issue 84
Layouts: Next steps in 3mm (3mm); The Industrial Belt RR (TT); Glendale railroad town (HO); Leaford, Newfield & Ensdale (OO); Delving into the past (Gn15)
Test Track: Bachmann: Class 150/1 DMU; Hornby: BR Class 4MT 4-6-0; Graham Farrish: Class 150/2 DMU; Hornby International/Rivarossi FS Series 208 shunting tractor
Drawings: Railway Details Platform and Sack Trucks
Other articles: Big trucks, small prices; The Kingstone Belle; Motive power retrospect; Bo-Bo for Gn15; End of the line-2, West Bay; Light railway station
Issue 83
Layouts: A layout in Two Days (N); Quarts in pint pots (HO, OO); Transformer building (On30); Layout in a Suitcase (HO); Along the Blackfoot (HO); Bitter Creek (On30); Harbour in a box file (OO)
Concepts: Layouts with operating potential
Test Track: Graham Farish: Class 20 diesel loco; Bachmann: Class 158 DMU,
Drawings: Pont Briwet Viaduct
Other articles: End of the Line 1 - Abbotsbury GWR
Issue 82
Layouts: Portway Terminal (O); Pott End (OO); Alheeba State Railways (OO); Pont, N Italy (HO)
Concepts: Old-time lines; Army Training Ground-Keep it small!
Test Track: Bachmann BR(M) 'Jubilee' 4-6-0; Walthers Proto 2000 Fairbanks-Morse FM H10-44
Drawings: Road Signs
Other articles: To DDC or not to DCC
Issue 81
Layouts: NCB Coal Screen (OO); Team track layout (HO); Box Metals Yard (OO); Greenbrier & Metrick (HO)
Concepts: Two small layout plans; Simple short lines
Test Track: Hornby SR T9 4-4-0; Hornby OO SR Class V 'Schools' 4-4-0 ; Hornby Class 153 Railcar; Hornby BR Class 20 ; Graham Farish 'Royal Scot' Class 4-6-0; ; Hornby sound fitted locomotives: Class 56, BR Duchess; Graham Farish Class 08 diesel shunter; Bachmann J72 0-6-0T ; Bachmann-Class 55 Deltic
Drawings: British Railways Coke Wagons
Other articles: New for 2009; Current British freight
Issue 80
Layouts: Working on the MaP (On30); Tuning Fork in O gauge (O); Heavy Traffic (OO)
Concepts: Iota Switching layout; Proto-freelancing; Very short short line; Salt Lake City transit
Test Track: Hornby OO Class 43 HST power cars; Hornby Int/Jouef HO X73500 diesel railcar; Hornby Int/Jouef HO X3800 Picasso diesel railcar; Piko HO SNCF BB7400 diesel
Drawings: GWR station lamps and lamp posts
Other articles: On the road; Motive power retrospect
Issue 79
Layouts: East Hartford Way (HO, OO, N); Trident Yard (HO, OO, On16.5); Trepeperro (OO); Shunting at Upton (OO); Steinbeck No 2 (HO)
Concepts: Easton SR remembered; Big time yards
Test Track: Bachmann BR Class 4MT 4-6-0; Bachmann GE 45-ton diesel switcher
Drawings: Great Western Railway details
Other articles: MP retrospect-Class 31, EMD switchers; Workaday SuperD
Issue 78
Layouts: Southwell's Yard (EM); New looks for old
Concepts: A real-life Inglenook from America; Team track modelling; Blakeney Goods ; Olympian Foods; Taylor Terminal
Test Track: Graham Farish: GWR/BR (W) diesel railcar; Bachmann: Class G2a 0-8-0; Hornby International/Arnold: Kof 2 Kleinlok
Drawings: Pooley weighing machine van, conversion of ex LMS 12ton van
Other articles: Magnetic comments; Small lift bridge; Starting in 3mm; Three old shops
Issue 77
Layouts: Sooke River Lumber Co-a micro layout (HO); Downtown (HO); Down by the Riverside (HO); Burghafen/Berghaven- (HO); Tuning Fork (Z)
Concepts: Waterloo and City; The Trewze Tramway; The Train Game; Two forks to Warrington
Test Track: Bachmann LMS 2F 2-6-0; Bachmann BR class 4 2-6-4T; Hornby Int/Lima DB V36 diesel shunter; Bachmann Junior diesel shunter; Mehano Vossloh G2000
Drawings: LMS corridor 6 wheel full brakevan
Other articles: Correcting and detailing for the Lima V36, Bachmann industry diesel
Issue 76
Layouts: Wisconsin Rapids (HO); Burghafen/Berghaven (HO)
Concepts: Mini-Interchange; Industrial loco shed; The Trona Railway; Wheels of Industry
Test Track: Hornby Int/Lima Australian Class 422 diesel loco; Hornby Int/Arnold DB class 798/998 railbus and trailer; Hornby Int/Jouef SNCF C61000 diesel loco; Hornby Int/Lima Plymouth switcher
Drawings: BR Horse box/Engineers staff van
Other articles: New for 2008 - part 2
Issue 75
Layouts: Hazel Wood Paper Mill (On30); Colonel's Crossing (HO)
Concepts: Concrete Canyons; Wright's Yard; On the Wright Lines; Lenoir industrial area
Test Track: Hornby Class 56; Hornby Stanier 4P 2-6-4T; Bachmann Fowler 3F 0-6-0T
Drawings: LMS Loading gauge L&NW section
Other articles: New for 2008 - part 1; GWR Terrier details
Issue 74
Layouts: Fiddling a Run-round (OO); Out of the debris. . . (HO); Colonel's Crossing (HO); Klyzir Yard (N); Wright's Wagon Works (OO)
Concepts: Two level fiddle yard; Whittington Hospital Light Railway; Sands End-a Thames-side Shunting Yard; Proto-nooks; Roanoke, Va
Test Track: Bachmann BR 4MT 2-6-0; Bachmann Class 66/9 diesel; Bachmann BR(W) 22XX 0-6-0; Bachmann EMD GP35 diesel
Drawings: L&NWR seats, gradient and mile posts, bridge plates
Other articles: Connexions; Magnetic coupling replacement for tension-lock
Issue 73
Layouts: Dunnock Edge (OO); Christmas 1945 (G 1:24); On the fiddle (HO); Olympia module (HO, OO); Wrights Wagon Works (OO)
Concepts: The Shellsea Tramway; PPP Pipes; Olympia South Carolina; Compact car float
Test Track: Hornby rebuilt 'Royal Scot' 4-6-0; Bachmann Class 45XX 2-6-2T ; Hornby BR class 47 & 55
Other articles: Another way of weathering stock; Index for issues 55-72; Prescot Lane depot; Ingleferry Wharf
Issue 72
Layouts: Operating Shell Island (EM); Farlow, VT (N); Turner Point Yard (HO); Yeobridge (OO9)
Concepts: Armchair modelling; Short line idyll
Test Track: Bachmann BR class 47/1; Hornby: Class 66; Bachmann: BR class 20; Graham Farish: 3F 0-6-0T
Drawings: LMS 30 ton bogie bolster truck
Other articles: More British freight yards; Scenic fiddle sidings; An overhead yard crane; Painting your back scene; Wickingham; More narrow gauge potential
Issue 71
Layouts: 62nd Street Yard (HO); Minimum space Gn15; . . . . . and the smallest Inglenook! (1:48); Taylor Terminal II (O); Nugatory Basin (O16.5)
Concepts: Prologis Logistics Park; Very compact O gauge; No Place
Test Track: Piko SNCF BB66000 diesel
Drawings: Signs of the times Barrels standard sizes
Other articles: Seventy five years plus!; A LPG facility; More narrow gauge potential; Bungalow conversions; Earles Sidings
Issue 70
Layouts: Niedlingen, Weserbahn (HO); Pelporro (G); Walmington Pier update (OO)
Concepts: A Warehouse Switching District; On to Santa Clementia; The Weymouth Harbour Tramway
Test Track: Hornby: N15 'King Arthur ' Class 4-6-0 ; Hornby: Virgin Pendolino Class 390; ViTrains: Class 37/4; Liliput: OBB Class 2060 (X260) shunting loco
Drawings: Signs of the Times
Other articles: New for 2007 - part 2; Seventy-five years plus! Part 1; Container handling-1929 style
Issue 69
Layouts: Cascade East (O); Quart into pint pot (Gn15); Phoenix, Illinois (HO); Very compact N gauge (N)
Concepts: Open fiddle yard; Castletown Pier; Real life fiddle yards
Test Track: Hornby: Rebuilt 'West Country' 4-6-2 ; Hornby: Class 73; Hornby: Class 59; Hornby: Class 156 DMU
Drawings: Private Owner Chemical Wagons
Other articles: New for 2007 - part 1; Old friends revisited
Issue 68
Layouts: Audresselles (HO); The Burbank Branch (HO); Quad Y update (HO); Structures at Burbank (HO); Baltic Quay (O); Coquimbo Traction (HO); New wine, old bottles (HO); Two more loco shed layouts (HO, OO)
Concepts: 'Bubblecar' details
Test Track: Hornby: EWS Class 67; Bachmann: Fairburn 2-6-4 T
Drawings: Private Owner Chemical Wagons
Other articles: Hornby: Class 121 single unit railcar; Small space-big photos; Background scenery; Little things that matter
Issue 67
Layouts: Quad Y (HO); Ericbridge (Oe); Sectional is flexible (Oe)
Concepts: Hevlin; Hammersmith & Chiswick; Big time switching
Test Track: Bachmann: Class66XX 0-6-2T; Bachmann; BR(S) M7 0-4-4T; Bachmann: Class 57 diesel; Hornby: 'Brittania' class 4-6-2; Bachmann: Class 166 DMU
Drawings: British Railways Rolling stock GWR Iron Minks
Other articles: Loads for open wagons; Locos for British HO
Issue 66
Layouts: Upton update (HO); Kristallhfen Kleinbahn Part 1 (S); Riverside Spur (N)
Concepts: Tuning Fork potential
Test Track: Bachmann: BR Class 9F 2-10-0; Bachmann: Ivatt Classs 4MT 2-6-0; Atlas: Baldwin VO-1000
Drawings: The Narrow Boats, Motor Boat and Butty
Other articles: Quincy Bay Terminal RR; Layout on a cork board; Locomotives for Gn15; Switching the yard at Jonsville; The 'What if' syndrome
Issue 65
Layouts: Dunnock Edge Branch Part 2 (OO); Carholme Yard-Lincoln (HO); Irmin Road extended (HO)
Concepts: The Atlas Terminal RR
Test Track: Hornby international/Lima; DB E10 005; Bachmann: Class 158 DMU; Graham Farish; Class 66; Graham Farish: Class 50
Drawings: Signs of the Times
Other articles: MOW Department models; Detailing Skaledale; Wells Quay Tramway; Simple models for On30; Jersey Central Caboose; Mind the gap
Issue 64
Layouts: Dunnock Edge Branch, Part 1 (OO); La Planche-de-Bretagne (N); Blacksmith Fork, Part 3 (HO); August Yard (N); Jax Yard (HO, OO)
Concepts: Pretter Port
Test Track: Athearn: Alco RS3; Roundhouse: EMD Model 40; Hornby: 'King' Class 4-6-0; Bachmann: WD Class 2-8-0; Graham farish: Class 44, 45, 46 'Peak" diesel
Drawings: LMS Page 10 D1665 GUNPOWDER VAN
Other articles: New for 2006 - part 2; An Americanised 'Otto'; B&B Couplings; Supporting a baseboard; NG container flats; The GWHCo
Issue 63
Layouts: DJ Freight in HO (HO); New Safeway Spur (HO); Western Landing (On30); Doggs Lane (OO); DCC Challenge (OO)
Concepts: Supernook; The PE 'Orphan Branch'
Test Track: Hornby: EWS Class 60 diesel; Bachmann: Baldwin 2-8-0
Drawings: GWR Rolling Stock
Other articles: New for 2006 - part 1; Digital Photo Flats
Issue 62
Layouts: Western Landing; (On30); Blacksmith Fork Part 2 (HO); Dymock's Mill Quarry (OO); Clun; Small LMS Terminal (OO); Manana Island Railway (OO, OO9); St Marks Yard (HO)
Concepts: On30 Starter Layouts; China Basin Revisited; Hamilton City
Test Track: Bachmann Class B Climax; Graham Farish Class 20 Diesel
Drawings: LMS Containers Type A & flat wagons
Other articles: Weathering locomotives; Alive & Well
Issue 61
Layouts: Blacksmith Fork Part 1 (HO); Colinton in Z scale (Z); Ballard Terminal RR in HO (HO); Tempelfjord Kolgrube Kompani (Se)
Concepts: Solo fiddle . . . or who are you trying to fool?; Claremont & Concord RR; Bavarian branch line
Test Track: Hornby :Gresley A4; Bachmann Davenport Gas Mechanical Switcher
Drawings: LNWR Brake Van D17 & Open Wagon D103
Other articles: Cyclone Fence Factory; Bogie Woodchip Gondolas; Western Pacific GP9
Issue 60
Layouts: La Planche-sur-Mer (HO); Flatpack Inglenook (HO); Owlcombe (OO); Pencraig Yard (OO)
Concepts: Summertime Blues; Pacific Electric at San Fernando
Test Track: Broadway Limited:EMD SW7; Stewart Hobbies: Baldwin VO-1000/DS-4-4-1000
Drawings: LNWR 10 ton Covered and Open Goods wagons
Other articles: The Local Diner; Sur le Mer; Lineside customers part 2; Baldwin Switchers; Team track platform
Issue 59
Layouts: Peek's Pike Railroad (On30); Loose Chippings (OO)
Concepts: Wisconsin Central Yard; Plan Parade
Test Track: Hornby BR Class 08; Bachmann Plymouth MDT Switcher
Drawings: LMS Horse Box
Other articles: Western Pacific Alco S1; Old model, new layout; Starting narrow gauge; A buffer stop survey; Magic with Magtrix; New lamps for old; Lineside customers; Model beer distributor; Structures, fact and fiction
Issue 58
Layouts: Vine Creek Mine (On30); Eastham Works (OO); Butler Frozen Foods (HO); Port Abel RR (HO); Poppy Hollow/Barley Dean (OO)
Concepts: DB's Workshop Layout; East 12th Street; Braunton Sidings
Test Track: Hornby: GWR 'Grange' 4-6-0
Drawings: BR Coaching stock / LMS District Engineer's s Saloons
Other articles: New for 2005 - part 2; Locomotive detailing; Strongheart Packing Co.
Issue 57
Layouts: South Street Switching (HO); Selbury Works Sidings (O)
Concepts: Trafford Park in 2004; Catwater derivatives, HO or On30; Snape & Ballart - continued; Ops at the shops; The Bakery Branch; Busy corner layout; Standard gauge logging
Test Track: Hornby: BR Class 31; Roco: DB Class V65
Drawings: Scammell Townsman 3ton A. L. trailer
Other articles: New for 2005 - part 1; NG lowside wagons; LMS Austin K2 Parcels Van; Western Pacific Alco S2
Issue 56
Layouts: Timesaver Plus (HO); Hinton Abbots (OO); Melbury-a PS (OO); Decal Transfer (HO); South Street Switching Zone (HO); A slow route in N gauge (N)
Concepts: Two industrial yards; The Ballart Terminal RR
Drawings: Scammell Scarab 3 and 6 ton Mechanical Horse
Other articles: New for 2005 - part 2; Inspection Car from a Trishaw; Narrow Gauge Cattle Truck; What's in a name?
Issue 55
Layouts: Hohenbrunn Lokalbahn (G); Burton West (OO); The Market Garden line (HOe); Camster Burn Railway (OO9); Gabby's Creek (HO); A visit to Snailspeed (OO, OO9)
Concepts: The Tualatin Electric; Ballard Terminal RR
Test Track: Hornby: A4 4-6-2; Fleischmann Bavarian Passenger Train Set
Other articles: New for 2005 - part 1; Index for MTI Issues 37-54; CLICS, SPINS and Spots
Issue 54
Layouts: Catwater & Southern (G); Minimo in multi-mode (O); A small twig of N (N)
Concepts: Pine Ridge Industrial Park; China Basin
Test Track: Bachmann: Prairie 2-6-2; Bachmann: GE U36B ; Hornby: Live Steam set
Drawings: Scammel 3 and 6 ton Mechanical Horse
Other articles: More classic Layouts; Skaledale variety; Snack Van; Timber trestle bridges; Basic Modelling - Power Leads
Issue 53
Layouts: Mohawk & Adirondack (HO); Kelso Creek (Gn15); Inchworth Street Goods Depot (HO); Felsham Pier and Ferry (O16.5); Snape Creek (S)
Concepts: Tram or Trolley layouts; Expanding Bismark Street
Test Track: Bachmann: Class 20 diesel; Trix: Kof 2
Drawings: The Scammel Mechanical Horse
Other articles: Creative narrow gauge; Magic Train mysteries; Cheap Narrow Gauge; Cable car conversions
Issue 52
Layouts: Bodgit & Much Pottering (O16.5); Bismark Street (HO); Little Hintock (OO)
Concepts: New look at old harbour; The industrial scene; More industry tracks
Test Track: Athearn: EMD CF7 road switcher; Bachmann San Fransisco Cable Car
Drawings: BR rolling stock
Other articles: New for 2004 - part 2; Weathering ways; Operations game for small layouts
Issue 51
Layouts: Switching at Marshalltown (HO); Marlboro Railroad (HO); Bromley-by-Bow Yard (OO); Bad Bach Kleinbahn (Z); The 3M switching Yard (N)
Concepts: CPR's Rosebery barge ; Bixby; The Snape Branch
Drawings: GWR/WR Special calf van diagram W14
Other articles: New for 2004 - part 1; Acrylic paints
Issue 50
Layouts: The Ninemile Branch (HO); The Crystal River Carry RR (HO); The Harlee Valley (N)
Concepts: Try Miniature Railways; The shortest short line?
Test Track: Hornby: BR Class 50; Hornby: Bulleid Q1 0-6-0; Lifelike: Alco RS2; Atlas: Fairbanks-Morse H16-44
Drawings: GWR Rolling stock
Other articles: Inspirational Layouts; A lifetime of layouts; A hopper loader
Issue 49
Layouts: Sandy Ford Junction (HO); Koln-Mulleimer (HO); A3 Challenge in HOe and HO (HO, HOe)
Concepts: Minimal G Scale; Out in the backwoods; The Effingham Railroad
Test Track: Hornby: Fowler 4P 2-6-4T; Bachmann: EMD GP40; IHC : 2-8-0 Consolidation
Drawings: 13Ton China Clay Wagon (BR)
Other articles: Collecting postcards; Rotating Train Tables
Issue 48
Layouts: Ten by four feet (HO); Timesaver Plus (HO); Multi-mode loco depot (HO, OO); Alpmatten (HO); St Augustine's Hospital Railway (OO); Einfuss-smallest 'Tuning Fork' (Z); Something Not Completely Familiar (SNCF) (1:32)
Concepts: Getting on and off the layout; Switching plans for larger areas
Test Track: Hornby: Stanier 8F 2-8-0; Roco: OBB Class 20166 Hercules; Bachmann: Porter 0-4-0 ST
Drawings: LNWR and GWR slate wagon
Other articles: In conclusion; Having a go - in British HO; Skale variations
Issue 47
Layouts: Rachel, Georgia (HO); Deuxaquatre (HO); Bellevue VT (N); Tramways de I'lle de Sarreau (HOe)
Concepts: Shays and logging; More Tuning Fork ideas
Test Track: Bachmann: Class A Shay; Bachmann : EMD FT diesel loco; Hornby : 'King' class 4-6-0; LGB Saxon Class IVK Meyer 0-4-0+0-4-0
Drawings: NER/LNER 20 ton coal hoppers
Other articles: Wharves and piers; Wooden wharf piles; Logging & mining; Two simple structures
Issue 46
Layouts: Industry at Tuning Fork (HO); A3 Challenge (Various); Steinbeck (HO); Enterprise Gold Mining Co. (On30); Ponca Yard (HO); The Termingle (HO, OO)
Drawings: Little Stone Station
Other articles: New for 2003 - part 2; Industry tracks
Issue 45
Layouts: Tuning Fork (HO); Irmin Road (HO); Harrtem Yard (HO)
Concepts: Industrial Spurs; Bookshelf Railway; North Woods; Southport and Roskoff RR; Wisconsin Yard
Test Track: Roco: V80 diesel; Kato: EMD NW2
Drawings: Midland Railway Signs & Lamp hut
Other articles: Track and Ballast; Transfers and Decals; Gnomy Tram Coversions; Shorter On30 Stock
Issue 44
Layouts: Ashcroft Yard (HO); Kleinhof (HO); Arue (1:35)
Concepts: Dominion Atlantic Railway; A3 Challenge ideas; French Local Lines
Test Track: Mehano: USRA 4-8-2; Life-Like: Budd RDC 1; Bachmann: GE 44T
Drawings: BR Non-Passenger Carrying Coaching Stock
Other articles: Track & ballast; Steam Tram for HO
Issue 43
Layouts: Report from Glenvale (S); Ferry Creek - part 2 (HO); Padgate Lane WRD (OO); Ars an der Mosel; Deeper than reality (HO)
Concepts: South American way; Ferry and water-side; Pike City Belt Line
Test Track: Life-Like: Alco S1 switcher; Life-Like: EMD SW600/SW8/SW900 switcher; Putt Trains: Birney Street Car
Drawings: British Railways Non-Passenger Carrying Coach Stock
Other articles: Simple floodlight tower; Ferry simple
Issue 42
Layouts: Adventures in Gauge 1 (1); Ferry Creek - part 1 (HO); Micro layout in a month (HO); Bodger's End (O16.5); Iceni Cement (OO); Walmington Pier Live! (HO); Lees Street Basin (OO); Hillgrove (N)
Test Track: Hornby: Stanier Black 5; Mehano: MaK G2000 diesel; Life-Like: BL2
Drawings: BR Coaching stock Suburban Composite CL
Other articles: Upgrading the Athearns; Spares box and spares
Issue 41
Layouts: Shoreditch Goods and Coal Depot (OO); Shatterstone Freight Depot (HO); Old Ophir (On3)
Concepts: Honey, I shrunk the Timesaver!; Designing Micro Layouts
Test Track: Hornby: Class 8P/7P Duchess; Bachmann: 'Russian' 2-10-0; Walthers: EMC 60ft Motor Car
Drawings: BR Coaching stock Suburban Brake Second non gangwayed
Other articles: Double-ended Doodlebug; Blueprint series 40ft ACF/VRTX reefers; Going from Bad to Wurz; On German Rails, 2002
Issue 40
Layouts: Industrial Zone (HO); Munsee rides again (HO); Arizona Gravel Company (1:35)
Concepts: BEDT; Abersoch
Test Track: Bachmann Spectrum: 0-6-0 Saddle Tank; Athearn: EMD F3A; Liliput: Prussian T9 2-6-0
Drawings: British Railways Coaching Stock Suburban Second S non gangwayed
Other articles: Werklok from a Pug; Towyn, 1977; New Life For Old; Weathering with acrylics
Issue 39
Layouts: Midd Valley Memories (OOn3); Moss (OO)
Concepts: Maybrick Street Goods (East London yards); Modelling a miniature railway; TimeSaver Plus and other good ideas; British NG in 1:38 scale; C&N Railroad
Test Track: Bachmann: BR 4MT 2-6-4T; Hornby: 'Princess Royal' Class 4-6-2; Dapol: Virgin Class 390 Pendolino
Drawings: Midland Railway Battery Loco No.1550
Other articles: New for 2002 - part 1; Of hoists, capstans and viaducts; Cheap transport for HO
Issue 38
Layouts: Vale of Morwynion (HO); More on the KLR (7.1/4 inch); Kline Harbour - 2 (N); Pete's Pallets (OO9)
Concepts: Maine Two-Footers in 1/38 Scale; Stubby Yard; Chinnor; The Other Side of The Tracks
Test Track: Hornby: Bulleid Light Pacific; Hornby: Toby the Tram; Hornby: Bill and Ben locomotives
Other articles: Fuel Facilities in European style; Tall Trees Made Easy; Locomotive Practice; Tram Engine for Narrow Gauge
Issue 37
Layouts: Dyserth Developed (OO); Sneke with variations; Kline Harbour (N); Felsham Pier And Ferry Company (OO9)
Test Track: Heljan: Class 47; Atlas: Alco S3 Switcher; Bachmann: BR Class 25
Other articles: Make a simple car float; Shuffling round Harlem; Harlem Transfer; Detailing the UP Alco S3; Shaking and Tweaking; My Galloping Goose; Building the actual waterfront
Issue 36
Layouts: Progress at Glenvale (S); Smooth and simple - 2 (HO); Stoney End (OO9); Out West ... (HO); Walmington Pier Tramway - 2 (HO)
Concepts: On the Waterfront; Railways of the South Hams; HO in a coffee table
Test Track: SHS: EMD SW9
Drawings: British Railways Mk 1 Coaching stock Covered Carriage Truck CCT
Other articles: A loco for the waterfront; Southern Pacific SW1500
Issue 35
Layouts: Smooth and simple - 1 (HO); Alimma, Indiana (N); Mitropa Depot - 1931 (HO); Private Siding in France (HO); Kitland's Light Railway (7.1/4 inch)
Concepts: Some variations on the theme. . . ; Alderman Quay; 34th Street Yard
Test Track: Roco: KBaySB Class 3/6 Pacific; Bachmann: EMD GP30; Roco: DB Class 364
Drawings: British Railways Coaching Stock 21-ton high goods wagon
Other articles: Kadee: NEM 362 couplers; More Matters Magnetic; Pre-Group Terriers
Issue 34
Layouts: Port Andham (HO); Finistère, New Brunswick (S); Beyond Funfzehn/Neuburg Heumark (TT); Tutelo (N); Walmington Pier Tramway (OO)
Concepts: Railways on the Internet; More quarts in pint pots
Drawings: BR Motor Car Van for Ferry Services
Other articles: New for 2001 - part 2; Town buildings for British HO
Issue 33
Layouts: Karacsony Forestry Railway (Sn76); New England Interchange (S); Mowbray St Peter's (OO)
Concepts: Modelling Forestry Railways; Kentish Coal Line - Fact and Fiction; Luzerne & Susquehanna Railway
Test Track: Hornby: LMS Princess Coronation Class Pacific; Bachmann: BR Class 08 diesel
Drawings: British Railways Van for Continental Ferry Service
Other articles: A Working Crane; BR Terriers; Forestry Railway Models
Issue 32
Layouts: Vine Street Yard (O); Blutnock (HO); Simply An 'El' (HO); Chessington Chalk Lane (EM)
Concepts: More East Anglian Ideas; Harlem Transfer Company; More Quarts in Pint Pots; Starting American?
Test Track: Mehano: Alco Century C-430; Life-Like: Fairbanks-Morse C-Liner
Drawings: British Railways Mk 2 Coaching stock Pullman Parlour Car Brake
Other articles: Buildings for G Scale; Grass and Vegetation
Issue 31
Layouts: Cyfarthfa (O); Glenvale Freight Station (S); Munsee Sidings (HO); Steam Mills, Stroud County (HO); Felsham St Gregory (O16.5)
Concepts: More on Mini Switchman
Test Track: Lifelike: Budd Railcar; Marklin: Class 98.3 0-4-0; Roco: DB Class 80; Tillig: DR Class 212
Drawings: BR Pullman Parlour Kitchen Car (1966)
Other articles: A Look At Gauge 1; Simple Baseboards; Trees Are Easy
Issue 30
Layouts: La Croix le Banconel (HO); Bellows Rapids (N); Stewart Island Railway (Sn3.1/2); Rockford Yard (HO)
Concepts: Ketchikan Pulp Company; The Mini Switchman
Test Track: Mehano: "Blue Tiger" diesel; American Models: Baldwin S-12 switcher
Drawings: BR Mk2 Pullman Parlour Car; Bogie Ferry Van
Other articles: Trams in Croydon; Loads for G; Building and Operating the Mini Switchman; Grade Crossings
Issue 29
Layouts: Kristallburg (Mittel Franken) (HO); Smallways (HO)
Concepts: The "Seekuh" Concept; Ely Freight Terminal; Track in the Streets; Dawson Creek Grain Terminal
Test Track: Hornby Rebuilt Merchant Navy 4-6-2; Mehano US Mogul 2-6-0
Drawings: BR Mk 1 Coaching stock Pullman Kitchen Second
Other articles: Doodlebug in N; The Perfect Pannier; Box Files to Stock Boxes; Switchen Corner; Foldingham alternative; Dimensions Table
Issue 28
Layouts: SP/Frisco Transfer again (HO); Furzendorf (HO); Kristallburg on Foamcore (HO)
Concepts: New England Idyll; Are you loaded?
Drawings: BR Mk 1 Coaching stock Pullman Parlour Second
Other articles: New for 2000 - part 2; All Change in Germany; Your first British HO loco?; Pill Boxes and Air Raid Shelters; Very Simple Ballast
Issue 27
Layouts: Kamia (HO)
Concepts: Little or large?; The clipboard layout; Cadolzburg in detail; Union Wharf
Drawings: BR Mark I Pullman Parlour First
Other articles: New for 2000; Narrow gauge in S; Upgrading the old PIKO wagons; British O gauge revisited
Issue 26
Layouts: Wrexham (Alyn) engine shed (OO)
Concepts: The Cadolzburg branch; The Foldingham project; The Richardson Railways; Kristallburg Belt Line
Test Track: Hornby 61XX tank; Hornby 'Britannia' Pacific; Brawa Wurttemburg T3 0-6-0T; Life-like EMD E6 A+B units
Drawings: Flat slate wagon
Other articles: Detailing in G; Rollwagen operation; Another look at S scale; Loads of loads
Issue 25
Layouts: Lightwoods (HO); Sussex Border Railway (N); The Foldingham project; French without tears (HO)
Concepts: The Dry Wells branch; The Portage railway; Portage in G scale?
Test Track: Mehano C16 0-4-0ST; Mehano EMD SD35; Hornby Sprinter Class 155
Drawings: Open Slate Wagon
Other articles: A look at American O gauge; Doodlebugs and RDCs
Issue 24
Layouts: Hemlock (TT); The Foldingham Project (OO); Willow Falls and Rolling Falls (Gn3)
Concepts: Foldingham; Folding Haven (Foldingham 2); Taunton Concrete Works; Trawsfynydd Nuclear Flask Terminal
Test Track: Mehano Alco C-415; Kato EMD SD40-2; Hornby A3; Hornby A4; Hornby B12/3
Drawings: Painting BR rolling stock
Other articles: Detailing a GWR Terrier and Light railway J94; Magnetic coupling for 4mm - part 2; Feed, seed and storage
Issue 23
Layouts: Bahnbetriebswerk Dugelsheim; Felsham Road (O16.5); Ulvik (HO)
Concepts: Steam era loco depots
Test Track: Kato Alco RS2; Lima Triple-artic Duewag tram
Drawings: BR steam loco painting guide
Other articles: New for 1999 - part 3; North British BO-BO; Magnetic coupling for 4mm; Another American abroad; ATSF 44 tonner; Getting going in G scale; Modelling Norwegian rail
Issue 22
Layouts: Alfonzano (HO); Neumarkt (HO)
Concepts: Inglenook - the story so far; Grain elevator and silos
Test Track: Walthers EMD GP15; Tillig DB Class 52; Lima Class 66
Drawings: BR General Utility Van of 1956-60
Other articles: New for 1999; Those Athearn switchers; High frequency track cleaners; The 'El Cheapo' method; The incredible disappearing hinge; Simple diner
Issue 21
Layouts: Gasworks Row (EM); SP/Frisco Transfer, one year on (HO)
Concepts: The Tarbat Peninsular Light Railway; Completing the lightweight layout; Klein Abstellglies
Test Track: Life-like EMD GP7; Mehano 2-8-0 Consolidation; Jouef SNCF Class 141P I14
Drawings: Mk I Pullman Kitchen First of 1961
Other articles: What's new 1999; Steam tram inspiration; American abroad; Short Line seeking; Doodlebug days; Modelling Doodlebugs
Issue 20
Layouts: Eagle Vermont (HO); Kingsbury Terminal Railroad (O); Lighter Than Lightweight (N)
Concepts: Layout for a Garden Shed?; The Black Isle Line
Test Track: Kato: Alco RS2/RSC2; Life-Like: EMD F3A; Brawa: DR Class 772 railbus
Other articles: Detailing the Kato RSC2/RS2; GSWR Full Brake; The Little Red Railbus; Nance Mellin
Issue 19
Layouts: Garfield (HO); The Kristallbahn Layout (Oe); Watertown Soo Line (N)
Concepts: Planning in a Tight Area
Test Track: Life-Like: EMD SW9/SW1200; Atlas: GE E23B; Hornby: Fowler 4F
Other articles: What is a Short Line?; Keep on Looking; MTI Index; Improved Tension Locks; Cleaning Difficult Sections; Coupler Comments
Issue 18
Layouts: HO Two Nooks (HO); Progress on the Stroud County (HO); The Making of the Mill (HO)
Concepts: The Westport & Dover Shortline; Seeking The Inspiration
Test Track: Life­Like: EMD SW9/1200; Kato: Alco PA1; Arnold: SW1500
Other articles: Getting It Right; American Modelling Standards; Dampfahrt; Short Line Stock
Issue 17
Layouts: Port Abbot Quay (N); Heinz Strasse/57th Street Lessingham (HO); SP/Frisco Transfer (HO)
Concepts: Jack 'N'­a­Box; Small Space Switching in Lesana Yard; 'Low Relief' Train Formations; Keep It Modular; Flexible Railway Modelling
Test Track: Lima: Class 121 DMU; Athearn: Genesis AMD­103; Arnold: Duewag Tram; Kato: Duewag Tram; Arnold: DB Class 10 Pacific; Atlas: EMD GP40­2
Other articles: Triebwagon for Narrow Gauge; BRMSB Structural Clearances; Instant Buildings from old Stock
Issue 16
Layouts: The Ahern County RR (HO)
Concepts: On the Nebenbahn; Plans for Barge Terminals; Wantage Thoughts
Test Track: Lima: Class 101 DMU; Roco: Class 290; Model Power: L'il Tugger
Other articles: New for 1998; On the Narrow Gauge; Little Steam Switcher; BR Coaches; Operating the Ahern County; Below Baseboard Turnout Controls
Issue 15
Layouts: Waldemar's Landing (OO9); Narrow Gauge can be Snug! (O16.5)
Concepts: On the Narrow Gauge; The 'Island' Layout; More Good Ideas
Test Track: Brawa: Class 476; Model Power: Porter Hustler
Other articles: New for 1998; Little Diesel for Narrow Gauge; LMS Cattle Wagon; Of Spuds and Budds; Cheap and Cheerful
Issue 14
Layouts: Heritage Yard (HO); From Inglenook to St. Kathrein (HO); Pendine Sands (O)
Concepts: Ferry Interesting ... but Stupid!; Your Own Country
Test Track: Life­Like: EMD GP18; Hornby: GWR 'County'; Lima: DB Class V188; Life­Like: 0-6-0ST; Hornby: Class 466 DMU
Other articles: Vancouver Port Update; MR Cattle Wagon; Seeing the Wood ...; Boxcab Delights
Issue 13
Layouts: Adventures in O Gauge (O); From Inglenook to St. Kathrein (HO); Ross Country Shortline (HO); SP/Frisco Transfer (HO); Small and Simple (OO)
Concepts: Kleinbahn and Lokalbahn; Thomas the Tank Engine - Recruiting Agent
Test Track: Kato: EMD SD45; Kato: GE C44­9W; Piko: DB Kof1; Roco: DB Kof3; Sachsenmodelle: DR Class 772/992 Railbus; Gutzold: DR Class 155
Other articles: Tiddleywink Computing ­ Two Nooks Style; High Sided Wagon
Issue 12
Layouts: Inglenook with Pilz (HO); Benediktbeurn (HO)
Concepts: The Accidental Terminus
Test Track: Hornby: GWR 14XX; Atlas: Alco S4; Walthers: GE Dash8-40
Other articles: EM Update; More on the AW "Goat"; The Models of Malcolm Carlsson; It's a Good Idea ...; Model Trucks in 4mm Scale; An Even Better S4; Traversing the Ross County Shortline
Issue 11
Layouts: Tai Chi (HOe); Tai Chi (HOe); College Lane Sidings (O); College Lane Sidings (O); Wagons­Lits Rail Catering (HO); Wagons­Lits Rail Catering (HO)
Concepts: Inglenook Revisited; Inglenook Revisited
Test Track: Roco: DB Class 290; Atlas: EMD GP40; Kato: SBB Class 460; Roco: DB Class 290; Atlas: EMD GP40; Kato: SBB Class 460
Other articles: Magnetic Coupler Update; Magnetic Coupler Update; Making a better Class 290; Making a better Class 290; Of Goats and Kleinloks; Of Goats and Kleinloks; The Kodak Storage Tank; The Kodak Storage Tank; BR Coaches; BR Coaches
Issue 10
Layouts: Dundas (HO); Holden, Stroud County (HO); The Narrow 'Twig' (OO9); Oval Ash HO (HO)
Concepts: Still Twigging On
Test Track: Roco: DB Class 260; Bachmann: UP EMD DD40AX; Bachmann: EMC Railcar; Athearn: GE AC4400; Mehano: US 4­4­0; Piko: DDR DMU
Other articles: Budget Price Battery Electric; BR COaches; Vancouver Train Barge Operations
Issue 9
Layouts: Holden, Stroud County (HO); South Bay (N)
Concepts: The Tidewater Idea
Test Track: Walthers: Alco FA1; Brawa: DR V100; Tillig: DR Class 243
Other articles: New for 1997; DB Cargo Update; Boxcab, Whaleback and Plough; BR Coaches; Build a Boxcab Diesel; Getting Closer
Issue 8
Layouts: The Line to Arkona (HO); Somewhere Near Doncaster (N); Port Able (O); Southery (HO); Delrosa Spur (N)
Concepts: Trams Trains and Diesel­Trams
Test Track: Fleischmann: DB Class 89 0­6­0; Roco: DB Class 110; Roco: DB Class 144
Other articles: BR Coaches; Turning in Tight Corners
Issue 7
Layouts: The Line to Arkona (HO); Tafelspoor Page 191 David Lang HO 5ft x (HO)
Concepts: The Harmony Division; Small Yard at Bonntor; The Folding Layout
Test Track: Lima: Duwag Tram; Roco: NS 200/300; Hornby: Eurostar
Other articles: Modelling the NS in HO; BR Coaches; Vans and Couplers
Issue 6
Layouts: Two Depots on One Board (HO); The Pinetop and Pacific (N)
Concepts: From an Austrian Notebook; Simple Schemes from USA
Test Track: Kato: GE C44­9W; Lima: SBB Re 4/4.1; Trix: DB Class 217; Fleischmann: Class 98/8; Brawa: DR Class 229
Other articles: Southern Pacific SD7 or SD9; J55 from J52; BR Coaches; American Primer - Part 2; An Ideal Portable Layout?
Issue 5
Layouts: Dakota Grain (N); A Layout in a Month (HO); Simple Delights (N)
Concepts: Schemes for G Scale; A Few Good Ideas
Test Track: Roco: NS 500/600 shunter ("Dutch 08"); Life-Like: EMD SD7; Fleischmann: Class 218; Kato: USRA 2­8­2
Other articles: American Primer - Part 1; Anglicising the Roco 08; Ticket Collecting Booths; Loco Focus: English Electric Shunters; BR Coaches; Interflex at Midway Yard
Issue 4
Layouts: Upper Genyt (O); A Layout in a Month (HO); Update on Shortside Yard (N)
Concepts: Look East for Ideas
Test Track: Life-Like: EMD E8/9; Kato: EMD F3; Athearn: GE C44­9W
Other articles: Showing the Way; And in the Beginning ... (Part 2); Modelling the Early Days; BR Coaches
Issue 3
Layouts: A visit to Sainte Emilie (HO); Binden am Rhein (Z); 63rd Street Yard (HO)
Test Track: Life-Like: Proto 2000 SD7; Atlas: EMD GP7
Other articles: Motive Matters; Improving the Brawa Class 229; BR Coaches; Wooden Water Tank from Scratch; Modern Shunter's Hut; And in the Beginning ... (Part 1)
Issue 2
Layouts: Tauchnitz Ost (TT); Dakota Grain (N); Building Berg am See - 2 (HO)
Concepts: That Inglenook Idea
Test Track: Brawa: DR Class 201; Bachmann: GE Dash 8­40CW; Bachmann: EMD SD45; Life-Like: EMD GP18; Atlas: Alco RS­3
Other articles: A Geep for Beginners; On the Nebenbahn; Platform Control; RCH 12 ton Wagon; Models on a Budget, German Style
Issue 1
Layouts: Oldbury Basin (N); Building Berg am See (HO)
Concepts: On the Nebenbahn; Berg am See
Test Track: Bachmann: Ivatt 2­6­2; Athearn: EMD GP60; Brawa: DR Cl219; Hornby: A4, King & BB
Other articles: Tank Loco, Schneider Style; Collett 5800; Collett 0-4-2Ts; Clearances & Dimensions for British HO & OO; BR Coaches; Budget Modelling Starts Here!