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Contents for issue 94

Type Details Page Scale Author
Editorial Inspiring memories
In this guest editorial Gordon Walker reminisces about growing up surrounded by railways
85 Gordon Walker
Review Bachmann: GE Class 70 diesel

87 OO Chris Ellis
Article New for 2011
Our annual look at some of the main models announced for the coming year concludes
89 Chris Ellis
Layout description Denali View
Myles Munsey constructs a small Alaska Railroad diorama in HO scale
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
92 HO Myles Munsey
Article Boxcab for On30
Giles Barnabe converts a Lionel coarse scale caboose to become a vintage narrow gauge diesel
94 Giles Barnabe
Article Lego connections
Anthony Gammond uses Lego to join baseboard sections
95 Anthony Gammond
Layout idea Closer to Reality (part 5)
Dave Howell's series continues, this time looking at timber traffic
96 Dave Howells
Scale drawing LMS Single Bolster wagons

98 Arthur North
Layout description Re-built West Midland
Edward Beal's 1937 article describes the fourth version of his large layout
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
100 OO Edward Beal
Layout idea More on industry spurs
The prototypical subject continued from the last issue, with ideas for some industries or facilities that can be modelled.
103 OO/HO Chris Ellis
Layout description The 'have-a-go' layout
A folding Inglenook Sidings layout to promote club activities
106 OO Paul Stapleton
Layout description Der Wald
Tony Hammett describes his Oe mini layout, built in two box files end-to-end
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
108 Oe Tony Hammett
Layout idea Prototype inspiration
Maps of actual American industrial areas as inspiration for your next layout
109 Jack Trollope

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