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Contents for issue 8

Type Details Page Scale Author
Editorial Very Spielaktiv
Getting Children involved in the Hobby, the German way!
197 Chris Ellis
Review Fleischmann: DB Class 89 0񫊘

199 HO
Review Roco: DB Class 110

199 HO
Review Roco: DB Class 144

199 N
Layout description The Line to Arkona
Scenic work on a folding layout, started in MTI#7, with photos.
202 HO Chris Ellis
Layout description Somewhere Near Doncaster
Layout inspired by the 'Warren Branch' layout in Model Trains 1980, with photos and trackplan
205 N Christopher Markham
Article BR Coaches
Drawings of the BR Mk2 Brake 2nd Open, 197174
210 Arthur North
Layout description Port Able
Very compact layout that folds into an Ammunition Box!! With photos and trackplan
212 O Richard Gutteridge
Layout description Southery
British HO Light Railway layout with photos and trackplan
214 HO Giles Barnabe
Layout description Delrosa Spur
US outline layout with photos and trackplan
217 N Don Butcher
Layout idea Trams Trains and Diesel璗rams
Current Tram/Light Rail developments in Europe and the UK with photos
219 Chris Ellis
Article Turning in Tight Corners
A clever variation of the Traverser/Sector Plate concept, with photos and drawings
222 Neil C. Macmillan

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