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Contents for issue 7

Type Details Page Scale Author
Editorial No Compulsion!
New ideas do not HAVE to be followed!!
169 Chris Ellis
Review Lima: Duwag Tram

171 HO
Review Roco: NS 200/300

171 HO
Review Hornby: Eurostar

171 OO
Layout idea The Harmony Division
Idea for a US outline layout, with photos and trackplan.
174 N Giles Barnabe
Layout idea Small Yard at Bonntor
Yet another real­life Inglenook Sidings, in Cologne! With photos
177 Chris Ellis
Article Modelling the NS in HO
Introduction to modelling Dutch Railways, with prototype photos.
180 HO David Lang
Article BR Coaches
Drawings of the BR Mk2 1st Class Coach of 1971­74
182 Arthur North
Article Vans and Couplers
Modifying old Lima British HO models, and couplers, with photos
184 HO John Allison
Layout idea The Folding Layout
Detailed article about constructing a folding layout, with photos and trackplan.
186 Chris Ellis
Layout description The Line to Arkona
The above layout is developed scenically, with photos
188 HO Chris Ellis
Layout description Tafelspoor Page 191 David Lang HO 5ft x
Dutch outline layout, with photos and trackplan.
191 HO David Lang

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