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Contents for issue 68

Type Details Page Scale Author
Editorial Simple and efficient
We could all (or many) do better in getting better running and performance from our layouts.
365 Chris Ellis
Review Hornby: EWS Class 67

367 OO Chris Ellis
Article Hornby: Class 121 single unit railcar

367 OO Chris Ellis
Review Bachmann: Fairburn 2-6-4 T

367 OO Chris Ellis
Article Small space-big photos
The art of taking photographs of your layout for pleasure.
371 Dennis H Murphy
Layout description Audresselles
A 'might have been' French HO layout set in the Opal Coast area.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
372 HO Stuart Robinson
Article Background scenery
As Walthers puts it '. . . a backscene adds miles to your layout. . . and some suggestions as how to go about it.
374 Giles Barnabe
Layout description The Burbank Branch
An American HO layout based closely on an actual SP location.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
376 HO Bruce Petty
Scale drawing Private Owner Chemical Wagons
Chance & Hunt Ltd of Oldbury and Castleford.
378 Various Arthur North
Layout description Quad Y update
The story continued of the author's building of his first HO American layout (67/346), covering structures and scenics.
380 HO Peter Kanuritch
Layout description Structures at Burbank
A closer look at the author's well conceived and executed American San Fernando Valley HO layout.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
382 HO Bruce Petty
Article Little things that matter
Smoke and illumination for a layouts structures.
383 N Dennis H Murphy
Layout description Baltic Quay
A simple and compact O shunting layout built at minimal expense, 12ft x 12in with plans for OO/HO.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
384 O Jack Trollope
Layout description Coquimbo Traction
A tiny layout set in Chile in HO that fits into a shoebox.
385 HO Ian Bareham
Layout description New wine, old bottles
The authors SP/Frisco Transfer 3ft long HO layout becomes Helper Yard.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
386 HO Dave Crason
Layout description Two more loco shed layouts
Two small, 29in long, layouts built with public operation at shows in mind.
387 HO, OO Chris Ellis
Layout idea 'Bubblecar' details
Small changes and additions to improve the Hornby model.
388 OO Chris Ellis

This abstract of contents is the result of months of work by John Flann and Steve Hawthorne. If you can help fill in the gaps or have spotted any errors in the existing index, please contact Emrys Hopkins.