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Contents for issue 67

Type Details Page Scale Author
Editorial Small choices
Attractions of the 'small layout. '
337 Chris Ellis
Review Bachmann: Class66XX 0-6-2T

339 OO Chris Ellis
Review Bachmann; BR(S) M7 0-4-4T

339 OO Chris Ellis
Review Bachmann: Class 57 diesel

339 OO Chris Ellis
Review Hornby: 'Brittania' class 4-6-2

339 OO Chris Ellis
Review Bachmann: Class 166 DMU

342 OO Chris Ellis
Layout idea Hevlin
Development of a European (Czech) HO small branch line terminus layout.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
343 HO Stuart Robinson
Article Loads for open wagons
How to make realistic loads for open wagons.
344 Chris Ellis
Layout description Quad Y
A first venture into building an HO American switching layout described.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
346 HO Peter Kanuritch
Article Locos for British HO
A reprint of a September 1982 article in SMT and much requested photo-copy dealing with conversions of the Mainline J72 (and now by Bachmann) into an SR G6 or a J73.
348 HO Malcolm Carlsson and Chris Ellis, Dave Howell
Scale drawing British Railways Rolling stock GWR Iron Minks

350 Various Arthur North
Layout description Ericbridge
The potential of Magic Train investigated in an Oe layout.
352 Oe Bob Mason
Layout description Sectional is flexible
How the Oe track plan for Ericbridge 67/352 was evolved, and with other examples.
353 Oe Bob Mason
Layout idea Hammersmith & Chiswick
Fact is turned into fiction for this suggested inner-city OO layout.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
356 OO Stuart Robinson
Layout idea Big time switching
Plans for a very large American HO switching layout with plans of suggested smaller segments .
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
357 HO Frank J Carron

This abstract of contents is the result of months of work by John Flann and Steve Hawthorne. If you can help fill in the gaps or have spotted any errors in the existing index, please contact Emrys Hopkins.