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Contents for issue 61

Type Details Page Scale Author
Editorial Entry Levels
The demise of the cheap and cheerful models, mainly American and the alternatives.
169 Chris Ellis
Review Hornby :Gresley A4

171 OO Chris Ellis
Review Bachmann Davenport Gas Mechanical Switcher

171 On30 Chris Ellis
Article Cyclone Fence Factory
A real life modest sized American lineside industry suitable for low relief modelling.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
174 Bruce Petty
Layout idea Solo fiddle . . . or who are you trying to fool?
Thoughts on the design and management of fiddle yards with 'omo' in mind.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
177 John Allison
Layout idea Claremont & Concord RR
The potential of a 1:29 scale short line track plan using G scale track as translated to HO.
178 HO Chris Ellis, Jack Trollope
Layout description Blacksmith Fork Part 1
The development of an American HO layout, its switching zones and methods of operation employed.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
179 HO John Flann
Layout description Colinton in Z scale
A layout modelled in Z based on a real Scottish location as it was a century ago.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
181 Z Alistair Neil
Scale drawing LNWR Brake Van D17 & Open Wagon D103

182 Arthur North
Layout description Ballard Terminal RR in HO
Well executed and nicely detailed classic American shortline HO model of what happens to be the RR where the author works.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
184 HO Steve Olson
Article Bogie Woodchip Gondolas
Conversion of Bachmann N gauge wagons (or similar) to narrow gauge.
187 HOe/OO9 Graham Hand
Layout description Tempelfjord Kolgrube Kompani
6ft long narrow gauge model of a Scandinavian mining railway to the Se scale.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
188 Se Stuart Robinson
Layout idea Bavarian branch line
Ideas for a German branch line in either HO, or TT in the same area of about 5ft square.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
190 HO, TT Giles Barnabe
Article Western Pacific GP9
Detailing a Proto 2000 model bought at a bargain price, to follow its actual prototype.
192 HO Chris Ellis

This abstract of contents is the result of months of work by John Flann and Steve Hawthorne. If you can help fill in the gaps or have spotted any errors in the existing index, please contact Emrys Hopkins.