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Contents for issue 57

Type Details Page Scale Author
Editorial Alan Wright's legacy
Commemorating Alan for all his contributions to present day modelling with his well executed smaller layouts of simple charm; amongst them the basic oval and to whom we owe the Inglenook.
57 Chris Ellis
Review Hornby: BR Class 31

59 OO Chris Ellis
Review Roco: DB Class V65

59 HO Chris Ellis
Article New for 2005 - part 1

61 Various Chris Ellis
Layout description South Street Switching
Prototypical operation (or nearly)by reference to 'switching zones' on small American switching layouts.
65 HO Chris Ellis
Layout idea Trafford Park in 2004
A visit to this UK industrial park gave rise to some good ideas for a 6ft x 4ft small layout in OO.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
66 OO Paul Brookes-Burke
Article NG lowside wagons
Using Bachmann N gauge chassis for 009 and HOe NG wagons.
67 HOe, OO9 Graham Hand
Layout idea Catwater derivatives, HO or On30
Variations in the smaller scales of HO or On30 on Giles Barnabe's compact G scale Catwater & Southern RR layout as a'backwoods'rr or shortline.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
68 HO, On30 Jack Trollope
Scale drawing Scammell Townsman 3ton A. L. trailer

70 Arthur North
Article LMS Austin K2 Parcels Van

Article Western Pacific Alco S2
Detailing an Atlas Alco S2.
72 HO Chris Ellis
Layout idea Snape & Ballart - continued
Variations in HO on previous trackplans of switching or shunting yards, 6ft x 10in or 12in and using a sector plate or traversers.
73 HO Jack Trollope
Layout description Selbury Works Sidings
Remembering a British modern era O gauge authentic looking shunting layout 15ft or 16ft 6in long from the 1980's, which included cable shunting & early sound effects system. Includes a plan by Jack Trollope for OO version 8'6" long.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
74 O Jordan Foster
Layout idea Ops at the shops
N gauge American layout plans for a board 2ft x 4ft, using Walthers structure kits and with a car repair shop theme.
75 N Byron Henderson
Layout idea The Bakery Branch
At the heart of this plan for a 8ft 6in long American (or other) switching layout in HO is a 5-3-3 Inglenook.
76 HO Andrew Martin
Layout idea Busy corner layout
Suggestions for a HO logging or mineral rr on a layout built into the corner of a room and with big operating and scenic opportunities.
78 HO Giles Barnabe
Layout idea Standard gauge logging
The modelling potential and equipment used used in logging rr operations and their availibility as models.
79 Chris Ellis

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