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Contents for issue 52

Type Details Page Scale Author
Editorial From behind the layout
The preparations for, the pitfalls of and pleasures from exhibiting a layout, as experienced by guest editorial writer, Dave Carson.
421 Chris Ellis, Dave Carson
Review Athearn: EMD CF7 road switcher

423 HO Chris Ellis
Review Bachmann San Fransisco Cable Car

423 HO Chris Ellis
Article New for 2004 - part 2

426 Various Chris Ellis
Layout description Bodgit & Much Pottering
Author's first successful nicely done narrow gauge layout 8ft x 2ft plus fiddle yard set in England, with convincing scenery, scratchbuilt structures and detailed notes on locos and rolling stock.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
429 O16.5 Brian Cameron
Layout idea New look at old harbour
A classic 1940 John Ahern harbour station layout in 6ft x 2ft, updated by the author.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
431 OO Giles Barnabe
Article Weathering ways
Advice on how to give the appearance of age to different building materials to best effect.
433 Laurie Green
Scale drawing BR rolling stock
8- and 7-plank 1923 mineral wagons
434 Arthur North
Layout idea The industrial scene
The potential of actual locations for modelling, with European and American examples.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
436 Chris Ellis
Layout description Bismark Street
Industrial switching plan 4ft 9in x 8in US based, but also multimode potential. Notes on adapting toy structures and similar items to buildings for the layout. ph, pl)
439 HO Chris Ellis
Layout idea More industry tracks
Expansion of simple shunting plans 6ft 6in x 8in to represent both ends of the line. Showing use of mirrors and bridges as central disguises.
442 HO Jack Trollope
Layout description Little Hintock
A classic small GWR Branch terminus layout 8ft x 1ft plus fiddle yard built in 1970, inspired by Peter Denny's early layouts, and described by the Editor as a '. . . charming little layout. . . ' (see also MR7/72)
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
443 OO John Flann
Article Operations game for small layouts
Using games theory to make operation less predictable and more fun on a layout-the Mohawk & Adirondack RR - a 4ft x 12in Americn HO layout plus sector plate and staging cassette. (see also 53/460)
444 Paul Boehlert

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