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Contents for issue 43

Type Details Page Scale Author
Editorial The A3 Challenge
Micro layout contest
169 Chris Ellis
Review Life-Like: Alco S1 switcher

171 HO Chris Ellis
Review Life-Like: EMD SW600/SW8/SW900 switcher

171 HO Chris Ellis
Review Putt Trains: Birney Street Car

171 S Chris Ellis
Layout idea South American way
Narrow gauge ideas for rarely modelled locations
174 Chris Ellis
Layout description Report from Glenvale
Update on US switching layout previously in issues 31 and 36. Improving the Putt Birney street car.
176 S Chris Ellis
Layout description Ferry Creek - part 2
US car float layout update including description of making a car float.
178 HO Chris Ellis
Layout description Padgate Lane WRD
British wagon repair depot c 1985. Layout p-lan with much operating potential.6'2"x1'
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
180 OO Colin Peake
Scale drawing British Railways Non-Passenger Carrying Coach Stock

182 Arthur North
Layout idea Ferry and water-side
Small layout plans designed to fit in a shopping trolley for ease of transport.
185 Stuart Robinson
Layout description Ars an der Mosel
Prussian period layout set in 1912-1914 4'x1'
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
Layout description Deeper than reality
US switching plan built on foamboard baseboard resulting in a lightweight exhibition layout 5'x1'
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
188 HO Keith Harcourt
Article Simple floodlight tower
Making a modern era model
191 OO Colin Peake
Layout idea Pike City Belt Line
US switching layout to fit in a garden shed
192 HO Chris Gilbert
Article Ferry simple
Small ferry operations as lineside features
193 Chris Ellis

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