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Contents for issue 41

Type Details Page Scale Author
Editorial The Micro Layout Idea
Thoughts on very small layouts
113 Chris Ellis
Review Hornby: Class 8P/7P Duchess

115 OO Chris Ellis
Review Bachmann: 'Russian' 2-10-0

115 HO Chris Ellis
Review Walthers: EMC 60ft Motor Car

115 HO Chris Ellis
Article Double-ended Doodlebug
Converting Walthers EMC 60ft Motor Car
118 HO Chris Ellis
Article Blueprint series 40ft ACF/VRTX reefers
Notes on US pre-1934 wagons
119 HO Chris Ellis
Article Going from Bad to Wurz
Conversions of LGB Gnomy coaches
120 Oe Jack Trollope
Layout description Shoreditch Goods and Coal Depot
East London Yard
122 OO Chris Ellis
Layout description Shatterstone Freight Depot
British HO goods yard, built on a balsa wood baseboard
124 HO John Allison
Scale drawing BR Coaching stock Suburban Brake Second non gangwayed

126 Arthur North
Layout idea Honey, I shrunk the Timesaver!
Ideas on reducing John Allen's classic switching plan
128 HO Emrys Hopkins, Jack Trollope, Chris Gilbert
Layout idea Designing Micro Layouts
Tiny Logging layout based in West Virginia
130 HO Carl Arendt
Layout description Old Ophir
US narrow gauge set in South West Colorado
132 On3 Laurie Green
Article On German Rails, 2002
Notes on modern German prototype scene aroung the Nurenburg area

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