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Contents for issue 32

Type Details Page Scale Author
Editorial Making a New Start
Reasons for a new layout
365 Chris Ellis
Review Mehano: Alco Century C-430

367 HO Chris Ellis
Review Life-Like: Fairbanks-Morse C-Liner

367 HO Chris Ellis
Layout description Vine Street Yard
Minimum space (7ft 6in x 2ft) US O gauge "downtown" switching layout, using over the counter stock, track & products.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
370 O Marshall Vine
Layout description Blutnock
Small branch terminus (5ft x 1ft) set in South Germany, built for exhibiting with operational interest.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
372 HO Derek Ashcroft
Layout description Simply An 'El'
US switching layout that fits in a 10x8ft shed, set in California/Nevada borders - 1950-present day eras.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
374 HO Peter Leask, Neil Macmillan
Article Buildings for G Scale
Techniques for constructing large scale buildings for US narrow gauge.
376 G Giles Barnabe
Scale drawing British Railways Mk 2 Coaching stock Pullman Parlour Car Brake

378 Arthur North
Layout idea More East Anglian Ideas
Notes on the modern British scene, describing freight & passenger operation & stock used
380 Ian Bareham
Article Grass and Vegetation
Suggestions on scenic work and materials used.
382 Chris Ellis
Layout idea Harlem Transfer Company
Real US self contained railroad that looks like a train set.
383 Dave Howell
Layout idea More Quarts in Pint Pots
Small layout plans with lots of track.
384 HO, N Jack Trollope
Layout description Chessington Chalk Lane
British Southern Region layout built on curved baseboards with scratchbuilt art deco station building.
385 EM Chris Ellis, John Wass, Neil Ripley
Layout idea Starting American?
Advice for those considering modelling American railroads. Suggestion for a starter shortline layout.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
387 Chris Ellis

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