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Contents for issue 30

Type Details Page Scale Author
Editorial Quarts in Pint Pots
Comment on small layouts with a lot of track, nicknamed "Mini-Switchman" and covered in this issue.
309 Chris Ellis
Review Mehano: "Blue Tiger" diesel

311 HO Chris Ellis
Review American Models: Baldwin S-12 switcher

311 S Chris Ellis
Article Trams in Croydon
Four photographs of the newly-opened Croydon Tramway system in south London.
313 John Everitt, Chris Ellis
Layout description La Croix le Banconel
A French 'secondaire' layout in 46in x 15in.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
314 HO Stuart Robinson
Layout description Bellows Rapids
A compact 50in x 20in layout based on a real location in New England USA.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
316 N Richard Hood
Article Loads for G
Ideas for wagon loads for LGB/G scale from everyday objects.
318 G R M Mason
Layout description Stewart Island Railway
A 10ft x 1ft layout based on New Zealand 3ft 6in gauge railways using HO track and models converted to S scale.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
320 Sn3.1/2 Howard Brooking
Scale drawing BR Mk2 Pullman Parlour Car

322 Arthur North
Layout idea Ketchikan Pulp Company
A 6ft x 4ft trackplan based on a real Industrial Line in Alaska and based, in turn, on an article in June 2000's Railroad Model Craftsman by Dave Lustig.
322 HO Stuart C Pate
Layout description Rockford Yard
A very compact (4ft x 1ft) US outline layout including a useful diagram of how to attach a cassette to the layout.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
324 HO Jack Hunt
Layout idea The Mini Switchman
Chris Ellis looks at the Mini Switchman idea of getting as much track as possible onto a small (4ft x 8in in HO) baseboard.
327 Chris Ellis
Article Building and Operating the Mini Switchman
A follow-up article to the above, actually building the proposed layout.
Plan(s) Photograph(s)
328 HO Chris Ellis
Article Grade Crossings
Julian discusses typical arrangements in the US for grade crossings ('level crossings' in UK parlance)
331 Julian Andrews
Scale drawing Bogie Ferry Van
A small diagram of a modern (1982) Bogie Ferry Van, with prototype dimensions, useful for modellers wishing to use HO models on 4mm layouts.

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