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Contents for issue 20

Type Details Page Scale Author
Editorial On the Short Side
Editorial concerning the ever-present issue of layout length
29 Chris Ellis
Review Kato: Alco RS2/RSC2

31 HO
Review Life-Like: EMD F3A

31 HO
Review Brawa: DR Class 772 railbus

31 N
Article Detailing the Kato RSC2/RS2
A closer look at the new Kato model, with photos
33 N Chris Ellis
Layout description Eagle Vermont
A US outline layout, with trackplan and photos
34 HO Andrew Knights
Layout description Kingsbury Terminal Railroad
US outline Industrial Shortline with real pole- and chain-switching. With photos and trackplan.
36 O Marshall Vine
Layout description Lighter Than Lightweight
A layout using Foamcore board for the baseboard. With photos and trackplan.
39 N Chris Ellis
Article GSWR Full Brake
Drawings of a Glasgow & South Western Rly 6-wheel Full Brake c.1898
42 Arthur North
Layout idea Layout for a Garden Shed?
Four trackplans designed to fit in a typical Garden Shed.
44 Chris Ellis
Article The Little Red Railbus
Discussion of the German Railbus, real and model, with photos.
46 Chris Ellis
Layout idea The Black Isle Line
Layout ideas based on the Highland Railway, with location photos and trackplans.
49 OO/HO Colin Stewart
Article Nance Mellin
A GWR layout set in the West Country, with trackplan and photos.
52 N Claire McCormack

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