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Contents for issue 2

Type Details Page Scale Author
Editorial The Conquest of Space
Considering the ever-present problem of finding space for a layout ... !
29 Chris Ellis
Review Brawa: DR Class 201

31 HO
Review Bachmann: GE Dash 8­40CW

31 HO
Review Bachmann: EMD SD45

31 HO
Review Life-Like: EMD GP18

31 N
Review Atlas: Alco RS­3

31 N
Article A Geep for Beginners
Detailing the Walthers GP9 model, with photos
34 HO Chris Ellis
Layout description Tauchnitz Ost
East German­outline layout with photos and trackplan.
36 TT Tony Parkin
Article On the Nebenbahn
A look at the variety on Bavarian Branch Lines.
38 Chris Ellis
Article Platform Control
A look at activity on German Stations, with photos.
40 Chris Ellis
Article RCH 12 ton Wagon
Drawings of the Standard RCH 12t Open wagon 1923.
42 Arthur North
Article Models on a Budget, German Style
The Editor shows that not all Continental models are expensive!!
44 Chris Ellis
Layout idea That Inglenook Idea
The endless variety possible with a simple layout idea, with trackplans and photos
46 Chris Ellis
Layout description Dakota Grain
US­outline layout, with trackplan and photos
50 N Jordan Foster
Layout description Building Berg am See - 2
Adding scenery to a German outline layout, with photos.
52 HO Chris Ellis

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