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Contents for issue 17

Type Details Page Scale Author
Editorial Slow Progress
Editorial on the (then) gap in standards between British and US models
449 Chris Ellis
Review Lima: Class 121 DMU

451 OO
Review Athearn: Genesis AMD­103

451 HO
Review Arnold: Duewag Tram

451 N
Review Kato: Duewag Tram

451 N
Review Arnold: DB Class 10 Pacific

451 N
Review Atlas: EMD GP40­2

451 N
Article Triebwagon for Narrow Gauge
Model made from Gnomy toys.
454 Oe Chris Ellis
Layout idea Jack 'N'­a­Box
Ideas and trackplan for a US outline layout with diagrams and photos.
456 N Jack Trollope
Layout description Port Abbot Quay
GWR Branchline layout in the classic style, with photos. (No trackplan)
458 N Don Butcher
Layout idea Small Space Switching in Lesana Yard
Idea and trackplan for very compact US outline operations.
459 HO Jack Trollope
Layout description Heinz Strasse/57th Street Lessingham
Dual­Mode, Two­level US & German outline layout, with photos and trackplan.
460 HO Andrew Knights
Article BRMSB Structural Clearances
Comprehensive data and diagrams for British clearance measurements
462 Arthur North
Layout idea 'Low Relief' Train Formations
Ideas for modelling large railway stations in very small spaces, with trackplan ideas and photos
464 Julian Andrews
Layout idea Keep It Modular
Discussion about portability and expansion potential of small layouts with trackplans and photos.
466 Chris Ellis
Layout idea Flexible Railway Modelling
An experimental 'modular' approach to model railway layouts, with photos and diagrams
468 Simon Dawson
Layout description SP/Frisco Transfer
Development updates on Dave's very compact US outline layout, with photos
470 HO Dave Carson
Article Instant Buildings from old Stock
Structures made from old rolling stock, based on real US prototypes, with photos.
472 Giles Barnabe

This abstract of contents is the result of months of work by John Flann and Steve Hawthorne. If you can help fill in the gaps or have spotted any errors in the existing index, please contact Emrys Hopkins.