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Contents for issue 13

Type Details Page Scale Author
Editorial Keep Modelling!
Is the hobby in decline in the UK? Comment.
337 Chris Ellis
Review Kato: EMD SD45

339 HO
Review Kato: GE C44­9W

339 N
Review Piko: DB Kof1

339 HO
Review Roco: DB Kof3

339 HO
Review Sachsenmodelle: DR Class 772/992 Railbus

339 HO
Review Gutzold: DR Class 155

339 HO
Article Tiddleywink Computing ­ Two Nooks Style
A variation of the “Tiddleywink Computer”, using Dice.
342 Jack Trollope
Layout description Adventures in O Gauge
UK­outline Goods Branch layout, with photos and trackplan.
344 O Peter Cady
Layout description From Inglenook to St. Kathrein
Scenery is added to this DB­outline layout started last issue.
346 HO Chris Ellis
Layout description Ross Country Shortline
A folding layout under construction, with photos and trackplan
348 HO Jack Trollope
Article High Sided Wagon
Drawings of an LMS open wagon of 1923/30
350 Arthur North
Layout idea Kleinbahn and Lokalbahn
The German equivalent of the US Shortline is discussed, with prototype photos and trackplans.
352 Chris Ellis
Layout description SP/Frisco Transfer
A very compact US­outline switching layout, with photos and trackplan.
356 HO Dave Carson
Layout description Small and Simple
A layout built 30 years ago is recalled. Based closely on a C.J.Freezer plan. With photos and trackplan.
358 OO Derek Ashcroft
Layout idea Thomas the Tank Engine - Recruiting Agent
Introducing youngsters to trains through a 'layout' for Thomas toys, with photos and trackplan.
361 Neil Macmillen

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