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Contents for issue 10

Type Details Page Scale Author
Editorial One Big Compromise
The compromises involved in model railways, discussed
253 Chris Ellis
Review Roco: DB Class 260

255 HO
Review Bachmann: UP EMD DD40AX

255 N
Review Bachmann: EMC Railcar

255 HO
Review Athearn: GE AC4400

255 HO
Review Mehano: US 4񪣀

255 HO
Review Piko: DDR DMU

255 HO
Layout description Dundas
US outline layout, with trackplan and photos.
260 HO Tom Lloyd
Article Budget Price Battery Electric
Editor makes a small shunter from old Tri璦ng and Lima models, with photos.
262 HO Chris Ellis
Layout description Holden, Stroud County
Part 2, electrics for a folding layout, with photos and diagram.
264 HO Jordan Foster
Article BR COaches
Drawings of the BR Mk1 Restaurant/Buffet coach
266 Arthur North
Layout description The Narrow 'Twig'
UK璷utline narrow gauge layout, with photos and trackplan.
268 OO9 Chris Arnold
Layout idea Still Twigging On
Some real small stations for inspiration, with photos and trackplans.
270 Chris Ellis
Layout description Oval Ash HO
Industrial outline layout, with photos and trackplan.
273 HO John Allison
Article Vancouver Train Barge Operations
Interesting Canadian operations discussed, with photos and trackplan ideas.
275 Ian Bareham

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